sábado, 13 de novembro de 2021

PERFORMERS 2 - Sociodrama Project - Closure Meeting

This week I was in Budapest for the last meeting of PERFORMERS 2 project (ERASMUS+). A Sociodrama project of some european projects: Hungary, Portugal, Sweden, UK. From Portugal, Sweden and Hungary, there participated also social partners as a NGO, NÓS Association (that supports disabled children, young people and adults, in Barreiro, Portugal), a school (that receives young refugees, in Stockholm, Sweden) and a youth detention center (Budapest, Hungary). The Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations (FEPTO) was also a partner, with a multinational team, that enriched also this for five years lasting process. The same with Greece that participated also in the first PERFORMERS through a NGO, which works with refugees. This was a great project of sharing and learning Sociodrama across Europe.

I'm feeling very grateful of beeing part of this extrordinary collective trajectory of learning in which we could experience how Sociodrama helps people to express themselves, to support each other, to cooperate and work together, despite all the different cultural backgrounds. This was a very important part of life in these last years. My heart is feeling cherished.
This was a very fruitful work: one international book about sociodrama; three booklets about the implementation of sociodrama in the local organizations; and this marvelous network of cooperation between sociodramadists across Europe.
Thank you very much Judith Teszáry and Kata Klara Horvath, who started to think about this in 2015. Thank you Manuela Maciel, who introduced me in this awesome network. Thank you to Lucia Paco through whom I knew Nós Association. Thank you Ana Alves and Silvia Beirão, for your enthusiasm and for bringing sociodrama for inclusion in the school. Thank you to SPP that trusted all our work. Thank you Léa Kellermann, Sara Sousa and Luzia Lima-Rodrigues for beeing active participants in all this process. Thank you so much to all other team members, from the bottom of my heart, for so much that I brought home from each one of you.

Closure of the Performers Erasmus+ Sociodrama project in Budapest. Unfortunately not all of us are on the photo. It was partly a hybrid meeting.