sábado, 1 de junho de 2019

Souldrama 2019: Tinos, Greece, 24th - 31th may

What is Souldrama about? You can find it: HERE.

My understanding: Souldrama is an integration journey of the Ego and the Soul, this means the integration of the racional inteligence, with both the emotional and the spiritual inteligence, to achieve the transformation and know our higher prupose in this life. It was created by Connie Miller. Souldrama uses ation methods too.

This year, in Tinos (Greece) we had such an inspirational week with a group of 11 people coming from six countries: Greece, Canada, Switzerland, States, Romenia, and Portugal. The group was so spiritual as is this place. We only started the journey, like in Ithaca.


I love this place! I love Souldrama!